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Hi, I wanted to say how good a product you make. My friend and I were in a heavy road accident last weekend on the rogers pass. Descending an off camber hill with two sleds on the deck and towing a trailer with another on it we hit a patch of black ice. After fleeting moments of trying to bring the rear of the truck back under control we slammed head first into the wrong side of the roads barrier. The trailer flipped and not having any super clamps the sled ripped from it tied down position and ended up on the middle of the highway due to the forces of the crash. I had recently purchased my first sled and my friend upgraded also. Our new toys. Our babies if you will. As we looked in the rear view immediately after the accident. Seeing the sled on the road. We both feared for our virgin machines. Had the toll of a crash popped their proverbial cherries? No. Not today. There were no chances taken with them. A SUPER CLAMP for each was enough to save there lives and potentially ours and others around us. The f350 was completely written off. The trailer totalled. A sled damaged beyond recognition. But OUR NOBLE SNOW PONIES still clamped to the wrecked truck in all their glory. So thank you Super Clamp. For a product tested and proven in the harsh North American winter climate. Saving sleds and lives.

  Ben Spittal

I just purchased and installed your SuperClamp Rear and must do something that I never but should do and that is to commend you on this excellent quality product. I've snowmobiled for the last 40 years and the securing of a sled to a trailer has always been a very frustrating and concerning challenge. My current snowmobile is worth over $12,000 and the installation of the SuperClamp system on my trailer means no more worries when heading down the road with my sled on the trailer. The SuperClamp is of superior design and construction with the end user in mind. It's safe, dependable and very professional in appearance and it's Canadian. Thank you for thinking of us.

  Con Arvisais

I just love those Superclamps I bought my son a set they make it so easy for me to load. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends.

  Charles Walker

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