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We had an accident with our 4 place enclosed trailer in a heavy snowstorm and the trailer turned over on it's side in the ditch. We had 3 sleds in the trailer and I had just installed one Superclamp; the other two sleds we're held down by the the screw type tie down bars. The only sled without any damage was the Superclamp, one of the sleds broke completely free and poked through the roof. I now have a new trailer with only the Superclamps as tie downs, they really work!

  Keith Sopp

I purchased a sled deck 5yrs ago with 2 sets of superclamps and glides. I had a problem with one of the rear clamps and lost a piece of the clamp, I sent the company a message asking if I could buy a replacement part and was sent a response immediately, i brought the clamp by Randles house that night and he repaired it free of charge as well as looking after another issue that i had with some glides, all i can say is that besides superclamps being a superior product their warrenty and customer service is second to none!


I purchased a couple Superclamp II's. I admit I was a bit leary of spending the $$. WOW! Thats all I have to say. After a long day of riding, the last thing I wanna do is screw around trying to get loaded up. Can be all loaded and ready to go in less than 2 min. And best of all no cold fingers! Just an awesome product!! 5 stars all the way!! Thanks!!

  Jason Glime

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