SNORIDERS: Supertrac multi-purpose tie-down system

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Seldom does a product come along that is both super handy and priced right.

Supertrac is a multi-purpose, fully adjustable tie down anchor system for use anywhere you need to secure cargo.

Created by the great guys at, Supertrac comes in one-foot, two-foot and four-foot sections. The tough, 6061 CNC’d aluminum sections can be installed in pickup trucks, trailers, vans, or pretty much anywhere you need to add an anchor point to tie stuff down.

Included with Supertrac is a lockable deck hook, which, of course, works with both a front or rear Superclamp. The adjustability of the Supertrac allows you to tie down a 137- to 174-inch snowmobile to your deck or trailer.

Supertrac has a million uses!
In an enclosed trailer, it allows for many different tie-down points as you arrange the snowmobiles to carry more or fewer machines. Many users also use Supertrac on the ceiling of an enclosed, heated trailer to hang and dry gear overnight.

We recently installed Supertrac on a pickup truck to add multiple tie-down points for dirt bikes, quads and a UTV. It was easy to install, and provided adjustable and lockable points to tie down our toys that the pickup did not previously have.

The most important thing about using Supertrac is to ensure that you install it onto a frame rail, or make one with a piece of angle iron to create the holding strength for whatever you are tying down.

Go to the website for more information and to purchase, or visit your local Superclamp dealer.

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