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Last month, the Superclamp team of Randall Bowman, Don Bowman, and Ron Rapson travelled to Russia to spend some time with their Russian counterparts! Its no secret that Snowmobiling and ATVing is a pretty big deal over there and it was great to see, and meet, the great many like-minded enthusiasts they have!

It was an amazing time. We took in an ATV Rally before our Russian coutnerparts (Dima, Alina, Julia, and Nika) took us on a to tour of the incredible sights of their homeland.

And the visit did not go un-noticed. Superclamp, and our pictures with our Russian team, is inside the current issue of Russia’s biggest Snowmobile magazine. Click here to check it out!

To see more from our trip, see our latest photo gallery on Facebook and follow us as we tour the countless awe-inspiring sights and attractions of their great country as well as a few pics of the Russian Superclamp crew.

Click Here to view the photos on Facebook.

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