Technical Preview: Super-Glides

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Every now and then you come across a "better mousetrap". Plastic trailer glides are nothing new, but the approach taken by the makers of the Superclamp (lever-action trailer tie-downs) broadens the appeal and function of the glides.

Simply put, the Super-Glides are designed for use with both sleds and ATVs. Plain glides are little more than slippery channels to protect the wood surface of a trailer. Super-Glides do this, but much more. They let the skis of your sled slip, but give your tires and feet grip so you don’t slip. No other competitive design offers this feature.

Think about this: how many times have you slipped trying to walk up or down a loading ramp? Yep, thought so. Instead of slippery ribbed channels, the Super-Glides are more of a dimpled wavy surface. Ski runners will still slide right on through and track straight, but boots or ATV tires will have sweet traction; no more spinning tires on the ramp or trailer as you load.

But even if you only use them for snowmobiles, they are going to be safer to use due simply to the traction added to the ramp surface of your trailer. In fact, every trailer loading ramp would benefit from a set of Super-Glides. No more ripping up plywood on your ramp, trailer bed or truck. And for those loading sleds or ATVs onto the deck on the back of a truck, the ramps are longer and this is where the straight tracking is superior for sleds, while eliminating wheel spin when loading ATVs is equally impressive.

Super Glides have some other unique feature that make them a premium trailer glide; the bottom design provides moisture minimizing venting to prevent premature wood rot due to oval mounting channels, which allow for expansion and contraction to prevent warping.

Super-Glides are a full 8.5" wide in to accommodate all sled/ATV widths and types (single and dual runner skis). Most other guide slides are only 6 inches wide, really not wide enough to accommodate dual runner skis or any ATV use.

Ideally, the Super-Glides are best suited for loading ramps, track decks and tilt-trailers where the sleds are driven straight. For trailers where you drive off the front, having grooved channels at the front of the trailer makes unloading more difficult so we usually will mount the glides on the ramp and rear section of the trailer, but leave part of the front section open where the front of the sleds will be pulled across the deck surface to drive off the ramp (like when you unload four sleds from a four-place but leave the ramp up front in one place).

But again, every single loading ramp should have these installed simply from the safety aspect, the deck protection and being able to drive your sleds up the ramp slower are all added benefits.

…Each kit contains 8 – 30′ pieces (20′ total length, 8.5" wide), 48 custom designed shoulder screws, and mounting instructions for a suggested retail price of $99

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