Tie Down Showdown (Part 1)

Tuesday, August 26, 2003 News No Comments »

Identifying the Weaknesses of Competitor Products:

Some manufacturers offer you 2 helix-type ramps that mount to your existing bar with a handle. These products have been known to get road dirt between the helixes resulting in binding of the clamp. Also bending of the handles may occur.

If you are using this system with an existing rusty steel or aluminum bar, you are defeating the purpose of securing your investment down properly.

Also, with this type of system, you still have to reach to the center of your sled to attach this product and locking down is a pain because you have to reach in again (a second time) to locate the lock hole.

Too many parts and too much confusion make these systems less convenient than they are made out to be.

Other clamps, referred to as a mousetrap style tie down, may only covers 1 ski. Would you trust tying your 500 pound sled down with just one ski?

This style of product requires tools when adjusting for certain types of aftermarket skis, which can occupy time.

When loading you sled this tie-down can get in your way. Occasionally you may actually run over the top of the clamp because it flipped closed when you hit the ramp.

There have also been complaints that the saddles of the skis have bent and even cracked the skis! This product sells for the same price as The Superclamp, but it only ties down one of your skis. Superclamp covers both!

Superclamp is easily removed from your trailer, unlike other clamps leaving your trailer free from obstructions.

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