About Superclamp.net

Founded in 1990, Bowdriks Industries has a strong background in motor sports and applies that knowledge and experience in the power sports industry to develop innovative products.

Bowdriks Industries now operates product development and manufacturing out of Lethbridge, AB, Calgary, AB, and Langley, BC.

Leaders In Innovation

Bowdriks Industries was the first company to apply traction to the edge of the running boards of snowmobiles, which were originally called Traction Rails.

Eight years later Ski-Doo introduced their version of a traction product on the Summit. By this time, though, Bowdriks Industries was leaps and bounds ahead and had developed the unique, and now widely used, Sno-Slip.

Recognized by Major Manufacturers

The major manufacturers tried to produce similar products, but fell short. It wasn’t until 1999 that Yamaha took an interest in Bowdriks Industries and introduced Sno-Slips and Sno-Grips as “Genuine Yamaha Products”.

Working With The Manufacturers

Bowdriks Industries works directly with leading trailer and truck deck manufacturers as well as many of powersport’s OEM’s. 

Another Innovation

1997 saw the introduction of the industry’s best snowmobile tie-down, Superclamp. No other product comes close to Superclamp and Bowdriks Industries has recently launched a Superclamp-Rear for the rear of the sled!

Bowdriks Industries takes pride in its history and looks forward to a strong future. There are several new and innovative products in the works that will once again change the industry and keep Bowdriks Industries at the top of the list.