SuperClamp Rear

The industries #1 snowmobile tie down system to secure the back of your sled.

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Superclamp Rear (Limited Stealth Edition)


The Superclamp Rear features the same highly engineered composite construction as the Superclamp II but it secures the rear of your snowmobile to your truck deck or trailer securely and safely. Scroll over the hot-spots above for full feature listing and benefits, view photos and videos below, visit our dealer locator to find a dealer near you, or shop online with Superclamp to get yours today!

**Please note – we are currently out of stock of the classic black & orange Superclamp. We will be shipping the Limited Stealth Edition until further notice.

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  • See How Its Made


    See How Its Made

  • Donut Ride!

    Superclamp II

    Donut Ride!

  • Introducing Supertrac at Ski-Doo 2016


    Introducing Supertrac at Ski-Doo 2016

  • Installing Supertrac


    Installing Supertrac

  • On Truck Decks


    On Truck Decks

  • Superclamp Products

    Snowtrax TV

    Superclamp Products

  • Setting up a Truck Deck for Snowmobiles and ATVS

    All Products

    Setting up a Truck Deck for Snowmobiles and ATVS

  • Proper Sled Tie Down

    Superclamp II

    Proper Sled Tie Down

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