Announcing the New Superclamp II

Wednesday, August 4, 2004 News No Comments »

The inventors of Superclamp, the #1 tie down system in the snowmobile industry are excited to announce the newly designed and engineered Superclamp II. This is the world’s first highly engineered FIBER FILLED THERMOPLASTIC tie down system.

Industries standards have shown Superclamp to be “without a doubt” the most effective way to keep your snowmobile secured to any trailer or truck deck. The Superclamp II system virtually installs in seconds. This tie down system having features such as a tension adjustment knob makes it entirely versatile to adjust to fit any ski height. Another innovative feature that Superclamp II has is a newly designed handle, with an advanced over center cam, and built in safety lock system making this system easy for anyone to secure. By removing the safety key provided and replacing it with a standard pad lock, the Superclamp II system becomes a theft deterrent. (Protect your investment)

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